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New Products

Want to feel all of a glow, check out the new 3 in 1 Light up pen

A multifunction 3-in-1 Metal Twist Ballpoint Pen with a stylus for all touchscreen devices, push the top to activate the LED, making your brand light up, glow and stand out in a very unique way. Smooth black writing ink. Branding is done through laser engraving. Remember the pen is still the most purchased promotion product in the UK so should not be disregarded as old hat or run of the mill when there are genuinely new, innovative and unique options available.

Full details available on request & price on application

I’m taking a Selfie come rain or shine

Not enough hands to hold a Selfie stick and an Umbrella? Well why not combine the two, and that’s exactly what we have only gone and done!! Easy to use, two in one Selfie Stick & Umbrella with blue tooth remote, ideal for anyone on the go, visitor, tourist or just plain ole selfie addict never be without a Selfie Stick again rain or shine. Just to put the boom of selfies into perspective, did you know there were more than 24 billion selfies posted on Google's servers last year? Big numbers and big opportunities to tap into that market.

Full details available on request & price on application

World’s smallest mini drone

We have found another great innovative corporate incentive & maybe the worlds smallest mini drone. We have even done a little how to showing you all the functions

Please follow the you tube link

Unique innovative clever Incorporating Flashing LED’s perfect for that innovative product that will help you stand out from the crowd & keep your very special clients happy.

We think your customers would love receiving this entertaining gadget & it can also be branded printed with your logo and campaign message to literally make your marketing campaign fly.

Full details available on request & price on application

Fidget Spinner On trend, In demand & possibly even a craze !

we love it when innovative retail products quickly cross over to the promotional merchandise industry making it and instantly desirable brand carrier. So we say maybe its time to spin away your stress, fear or boredom with this fidget spinner. Simply place the spinner on a flat surface and place your finger on the middle part to spin this spinner. Can also be used when holding it between your fingers in moments you need to focus to improve your productivity. Its an interesting popularity test & hard to convey just how popular the fidget spinner is. But one figure stands out – 49 of the 50 best-selling toys on Amazon being fidget spinners or their more squarish sibling, the fidget cube.

ABS material. Packed in transparent PP box can obviously also be branded and printed with your brand, logo or message.

Full details available on request Price on application

See on YouTube

Innovative eco seed pencil

First plantable pencil in the world. The Sprout pencil was designed to be made out of sustainable wood with a dissolvable end capsule containing seeds.

It’s as simple as 123 1 Use Pencil 2 Then Plant It 3 Watch It Grow. Sprout is Made of Sustainably Harvested Wood & Contains

No Lead. There Are 12 Different Plant & Flower Seeds Available. Available in Natural.

Please remember we are here to help with expert branded clothing, merchandise and print advice.

Full details available on request

Price on application

The best pen ever truly multi functional its really is a 'handy pen'

Unique innovative clever and maybe the best pen ever! They say 2 is better than 1 well how about this 4 in 1 combo, It’s a phone stand, but also a screen cleaner, touchpen and ballpen.

In terms of usefulness what else do you need? Possibly the best pen ever truly multi functional, well we are keeping the name

simple calling it the handy pen. If this does not tickle your fancy we have 1000’s of other pen options all of which can be printed, branded or engraved.

Please remember we are here to help with expert branded clothing, merchandise and print advice.

Full details available on request Price on application

See on YouTube

Swiss Peak 4 in 1 outdoor multi function tool #BePrepared

FThe Scouts Motto is #Be #Prepared and you certainly will be with this Unique innovative 4 in 1 outdoor tool with powerbank, wireless Bluetooth speaker,light and torch. Perfect for both the great indoors and indeed outdoors where a electricity plug may not be available. Get the party going around the camp fire with the 3W Bluetooth speaker which can play up to 18 hours on one charge! The powerbank has a capacity of 4500 mAh with 5V/2A output and 2A input. The LED is very bright (200-250 lm) and suitable for use in outdoor situations. The torchlight can be adjusted into 4 modes (normal, strong, weak and flashing) Comes with carabiner to hang the item for example on your back pack.

Please remember we are here to help with expert branded clothing, merchandise and print advice.

Full details available on request

Price on application

See on YouTube

Don’t get stressed about finding the latest innovative promotional product!

When what you are really looking for is the innovation from within the product. This is why we love this twist on a twist with the ever popular promotional stress ball item that changes colour in your hands! The heat-activated colour change is sure to impress, and they'll remember your brand with every squeeze. Combining the innovation into an already popular established product will take the stress out of making your campaign a success.

Did you also know. Research shows that if the sensory channel is occupied or blocked by using a stress ball, it can actually mute the stress you are feeling on an intellectual level. It works the same way as a pacifier or dummy works, to numb and soothe. A stress ball relieves stress simply because it keeps your hands busy doing a simple, repetitive movement which becomes almost subconscious. Your anxiety or stress is redirected to the stress ball.

Price on application

Octo Digital Multi Cables

This may not be a completely innovative product as they have been in the market for a number of years. But what we do think of this product and a number of others is that the real innovation is in the creative product design. We think that this would sit attractively and proudly in any retail or desk top environment. If you combine something that is useful like these digital multi cables and sprinkle this with a little innovative and creative design you will find a winning promotional merchandise formula. Finally, remember that it would be your brand message that they would see each time these cables come to your charging rescue.

Price on application

The world’s smallest confectionery advent calendar

At Wild Thang we just love innovative promotional merchandise products, in this case creating a different take on the age old advent calendar. This one ticks lots of boxes for creating a nice impact reasonable priced branded treat, that is just the right size to mail out. Wild Thang has a great range of advent calendars and other Christmas related confectionery or standard confectionary come to that, all of which can be branded or printed. No matter how the digital age changes the world, people will always still enjoy a sweet treat, which is perfect when you are creating a memorable reasonably priced seasonal promotion as part of your next marketing campaign giveaway. Please remember we are here to help with expert branded confectionery advice.

Research shows that Product Group Analysis By Spend: Confectionery was most searched at number 5 in the charts as of 19/10/16

Combi Spork

Taking the spork to the next level check out our new combi that now includes a serrated cutting edge. Even a small innovation can make a dramatic difference and that is why we love this new innovation on an already established product.

Not only that its useful which is always high on the agenda when recommending products to clients but it takes away the need for having a fork, knife or spoon and finally it really is on the low price point side which really does tick many boxes for a low value promotional merchandise gift giveaway.

Think workplace, think picnic, think major event for this little brand carrier. Its UK made yes you did hear right UK made We have not thought of a name quite yet but how about a sporknif well maybe not so we are all ears if you have any ideas.

Can be branded and you can even go bespoke to really make your brand stand out from the crowd subject to minimums.


Price on application

Blue Tooth Speaker Boy

OK we know that CD’s are virtually a thing of the past but music itself has never been more popular the fact is you still need a device to play that music & even better when you can play it wherever and whenever you like!

Innovative High quality blue tooth speaker which have a genuinely cool look and would be the envy of all your friends or office colleagues.

People will always know that you got the party started.

USB Stereo Speakers with fun. These speaker boys deliver great sound. - Output 3W - Impedance 4 Ohm – USB rechargeable battery included - Support PC & smartphone - Up to 4 hours continuous playtime –

USB cable included - Plug & Play - Win & Mac

Can be branded and you can even go bespoke to really make your brand stand out from the crowd subject to minimums.


Price on application

Click the image below to view our You Tube video

Virtual Reality Glasses

Virtual reality is now a reality in the promotional merchandise market.

This new and ‪#‎Innovative #‎Tech #‎Product that can hold almost any ‪#‎mobile #‎phone (3.5-6 inch).

The ‪#‎device is easy to use: download any free ‪#‎VR movie from Google Play or APP store and enjoy them in virtual reality on your mobile device.

Great for a fun evening or sharing with friends! The ‪#‎glasses have a comfortable elastic (non toxic) band and soft foam cushioning for a comfortable experience. High quality optical PMMA lens for clear images.

Market research tells us that tech products are really popular when individuals receive them ‪#‎Branding can be achieved to the front of the #glasses and there is always a possibility to development your own ‪#‎virtual #‎reality #‎movie to compliment your latest campaign!


Price on application

Click the image below to view our You Tube video

The Incredible Inflate A Bauble

A truly innovative ‪Festive ‪Christmas ‪‎Promotional ‪Promo ‪‎Merchandise ‪#‎Product

Perfect item for direct mailings: the Self Inflate-A-Bauble is flat to start, that is until you simply hit or press down on it firmly then watch it magically inflate.

Your customer or client will be amazed!

The Self Inflate-A-Bauble can be printed full colour on both sides. Other shapes available Price on application Minimum order quality


Other different shapes available.

OctoSuction Phone Holder

Here at Wild Thang we love creative innovative merchandise products & even better when they have a great price point also.

Those Octopus inspired #suction suckers really solves a problem think in car using Satnav, at your desk facetiming, at a table film watching or in the kitchen following a YouTube cooking recipe and that’s just for starters being food inspired!

We know growth in mobile phone usage is explosive year on year so this will be a keeper for anyone receiving it as a gift or a giveaway so could be your perfect next brand carrier!

Can be branded in multiple positions


Price on application


Click the image below to view our You Tube video

Powerbank Battery charger Innovative design extra cables 3 000mAh

We love innovative products & now you can get the power with this #Innovative #quality #powerbank combination with extra cables a unique designer look (many other styles available) all can be #branded #printed with you logo.

Research continues to show power banks as currently one of the most popular corporate giveaways so help your customers avoid battery life misery in the car, on the train at a festival.............


Price on application


Click the image below to view our You Tube video

Branded Promotional Selfie Stick

Love them or hate them the selfie’s are here to stay, this Innovative technology gadget really is on trend with promo technology items being a one of the biggest growth areas for promotional & corporate merchandise.

Telescopic Selfi Stick is extendable and will reach out to 114cm in length Universal: Fits any smartphone and lightweight camera.

Why not run a selfie comp on your social media with this selfie stick as a prize which could really capture the imagination of your target audience.

Don’t just take our world for it because according to the Pew Research Centre nearly half of us have shared a selfie on a social networking site, including David Cameron, Russell Brand and Wayne Rooney, Ellen DeGeneres’ Oscars selfie was one of the most retweeted items on Twitter last year!

Guess only a matter of time before it gets the Collins dictionary entry


Minimums and prices application


Building Blocks

The building blocks of life & maybe your next campaign!!!

You may think this is a little retro but in fact this type of product is more popular than ever.

Everyone will have positive memories of using building blocks, anything that is multisensory and playful will help you engage with your customers and we believe because of this they will keep it longer.

This type of product appeals to young and old alike & encourages creativity.

Lots of different desk options usb's, mobile phone holders, pen's, power banks and much more. You simply choose the combination you want.


Minimums and prices application

Innovative Eraser Pen

Say Goodbye to Tippex and sharpeners and ' Hello! ' to the new Eraser Pen!

Be known as "The one who never makes a mistake" with the ball point pen you can erase. Everything works as if it were a classic pencil fitted with an eraser but this innovative product is a high quality ballpoint pen.

Available colours:

White & bluepens - blue ink

Black pens - dark grey ink


Price on application

Branded Silicone Mobile Phone Wallets

Turn Your Mobile Phone Into A Wallet Keeping Your Most Valuable Items Together!

We love innovation & think that this brings some of your most important items together.

Silicone mobile phone wallets eliminate the need for a traditional wallet or card case by attaching up to three of your cards to the back of your mobile phone. Wallets and card cases can get bulky, heavy and overstuffed so this certainly helps streamline the card-carrying process by turning your mobile phone into a wallet, lightening the load on pockets and purses.

Branding available, adheres to the back of most mobile phones with strong 3M adhesive that won't leave marks when removed. Great promo give away idea perfect for a mail out.


Price on application

Loom Bands

OK so we may be jumping on the literal Loom Band-wagon, but the simple fact is that if something is popular in general retail, there is even more reason to bring it through to the promotional merchandise marketing sector for your latest promotional giveaway or staff team building as I hear a happy loomer is a happy employee OK so that maybe an exaggeration for you get my gist!

Logolooms (#LoomBands) are silicon rubber bands which you can use to make into trendy bracelets.

Special loom tags can be printed with a logo ​​or you can simple write text which can be attached to these bracelets.Large size and made ​​of 100% silicone material.

Bag of 100 pieces (enough for about 3 bracelets!)

3 loom tags and a crochet hook.

Full color printed header card. MOQ of 250 pieces.


Price on application

Click to view larger image

If you want to go green we have a great range of products

The Power of H20

Water Power Calculator

Green & Good Water Powered Calculator.

Fill up the little water container and plug it into the back of the calculator for it to run, once it's empty just refill again!

Great for creating engagement and I am personally hoping one day I will be able to run my car on it !!

Minimums & price on application

Click to view larger image

Time for gloves on or gloves off approach ?

Well not just any old glove but an innovative Branded Glove

We know that gloves are neither new or the most innovative product in the world, but if you branded or print something in a slightly unusual way then it instantly becomes a very powerful innovative piece of branded merchandise.

Imagine 20,000 of these given out in any city in the middle of a cold snap and you will get Impact Impact Impact Exposure Exposure Exposure !!

You could even take it to that next level & produce touch screen sensitive style gloves so you can use any tech product Tablet's, i-phone, TV's

Minimums & price on application

Click to view larger image Click to view larger image

iPhone Charger!

I’ve got the power the Super Hero Mobile Power Bank that is………

Compact power bank for mobiles to keep your mobile alive even on the longest flight or train journey

My own personal frustration with the battery life of i-phones and mobiles in general has brought me to showcase the solution to your battery life misery. This nifty & compact battery will give you up to 80% battery capacity. With a great branding area it will keep your company or campaign brand as a constant reminder of how you saved the day you little Super Hero you!

2600mAh capacity, presentation case options available Minimums & price on application

Promotional merchandise market research available to help you make a discerning decision for your next campaign please ask for details

Click to view larger image

It’s a Monster of a T-Shirt!

Create a classic branded t-shirt & you will have people saying “now that's what i call aT-Shirt!

Creating engagement, talking points & fun all rolled into one. The real innovation is sometimes in the design itself think of printing a different position or standout design.

Sometimes I like to repeat myself “/You don't need to reinvent the wheel just make the wheel better more innovative” /

(Just so you know the attached branded t-shirt was directly screen printed using plastisol inks on 49T mesh)

We also have the history of the t-shirt on the following link happy reading

Minimums & price on application

Click to view larger image

Get your ProHoHomotion in motion!!

Silicon wristbands with bells & whistles, ok maybe not the whistles but definitely the sleigh bells!

This small innovation could take what is maybe a little old in the tooth promo product and breathe new life into your next campaign or Christmas promotion.

Sometimes it’s not about inventing a different shaped wheel but creating a better variation of it & finally please remember every time a bell rings an angel gets there wings.

Minimums & price on application

Click to view larger image

The festival survival pod

If Its time for festival fever then its time for - The festival survival pod.
Small & perfectly formed cool ergonomic design, a Glastonbury, Bestival, V Festival essential!

Look what's inside baby : glow stick, energy slab, condom, sun cream, mints, ear plugs, toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant wipe, refreshing wipe, plasters, emergency tissues lots of other pod kit options available including:

Click to view larger image

Awards and trophies don't have to be Pants! Or do they?


Check out this bespoke hand sculpted pants trophy produced for the Paddy Power Cheltenham Steeple Chaseby WT.

Wild Thang actively promote standing out from the crowd with something different and bespoke if the budget is willing. Just imagine how this stands out in the trophy cabinet next to more traditional trophies and cups.

If bespoke is not for you WT have a vast array of stock glass, stone and metal awards that can be branded in small quantities.

This is literally taking pants to a new level!!

Bespoke prices on application.

Click to view larger image

Full colour branded Flying Carpet or Table Cloth


Some may say that a table cloth is neither new or innovative, yet we would firmly disagree saying the innovation is in the branding, just let your imagination run wild with endless visual possibilities!

Full colour Monet or De Vinci comes to mind, or if that is still not enough pretend it's a Flying Carpet or make a den but either way it will be a great addition to your campaign visually!

They are 100% polyester, require minimal care and are fully washable.

Available from just one piece, price on application.

(Disclaimer : The Flying Carpet may not actually fly)

Click to view larger image

College Jackets


Step aside Jack Wills, it's time promo goes varsity

College and Varsity premium style jackets.

Make your team stand out from the crowd; the varsity jacket is perfect for a promo team uniform, retailing in the University shop, band tour merchandise or simply as a premium give away. This high end look garment offers great value for money.

The jackets come in a variety of colourways and are available with contrast sleeves, knitted collars, cuffs, waistbands with stripe details, press-stud closure, contrast studs and a hanging loop at back neck. They even have a pocket with a small opening for your earphone cord feed and hidden ear phone loops. The jacket is also responsibly produced and is certified by Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production (WRAP).

They can be branded with Screen printing, embroidery or transfers.

Recent market research proves that customers and clients genuinely appreciate an incentive with 97% of respondents who have logoed outerwear being able to name the advertiser on the items. Wearable's as a whole maintain a very high advertiser awareness rate.

There are no minimum orders and the price is available on application from Wild Thang.

Click to view larger image

Heineken ear-phones


Wild Thang says are you listening carefully, we love these innovative branded earphones giving maximum brand exposure, a constantly moving advert on the bus, on the train, on the street....I could go on.

And now those headphone figures. Just under 7 million pairs of headphones were sold in the UK - that's a sale every five seconds. Now that’s what I call some serious ear popping stats.

Remember promotional merchandise statistics prove that merchandise gives a better or equal ROI then any other form of advertising or marketing, so it should never be an afterthought of a campaign but a integral part.

Bespoke made, Minimums & price on application.

Click to view larger image

007 USB Pen


Quality 3 in 1 Stylish metal USB Pen

As close to a 007 pen you are ever going to get!

3 uses are better than 1.

Quality USB hidden flash drive in the centre of pen holding all your secret documents.

Quality metal twist action ball point pen, perfect for signing your Coutts cheques at the casino.

Quality touch screen stylus, Works on all capacitive touch screens Bond gadgets, sensitive stylus tip gives

ultra smooth navigation

Price on application & varies depending on flash memory requirement.

Packaging options available on request

Call for a price today & delivery possible before Christmas

Click to view larger image

The Incredible Inflate-A-Bauble


This product is the perfect item for direct mailings: the Self Inflate-A-Bauble is flat to start, that is until you simply hit it and then watch it magically inflate.

Your usual seen it all before customer or client will be amazed with this new innovative product!

The Self Inflate-A-Bauble can be printed full color on both sides. Price on application Minimum purchase is only 1,000 pieces.

Other different shapes available.

Please contact for further information.

Click to view larger image

Branded Alcohol Optic produced by Wild Thang


This is not an optical allusion but an innovative way to create awareness of home alcohol consumption produced for the NHS.

Serious issue engaging campaign

The product dealt with a very serious issue but created engagement by making the subject matter educational with the What's Yours? brand as a talking point & a branded alcohol optic at the centre of the campaign. The campaign was proven to increase awareness.

Bespoke made, Minimums & price on application

Click to view larger image

Cool USB LED Message Fan


It's Getting hot in here so turn on your fannnnn!!!!

Ok so its not going to the top of the charts as a song but It is a genuinley unique way of keeping cool & lighting up your message in lights with long lasting LED's. Plus turn off the lights and you've got a mini disco. Simple plug into your computer USB Port.

Pre programmed message and branding options to the body, battery operated version also available.

Prices on application

For details contact please email or call

Click to view larger image

The Iconic, The Retro, The Cube that moves the world.


What better way to promote your brand & get your promotion in motion!

Rubik's Cube has the power to captivate, to fascinate, to challenge people. So much more than merely a toy, Rubik's Cube is a classic & now we have new innovative alternative Rubik's products available.

In a success story spanning three decades, it has inspired fashion and other designers, artists, mathematicians, and millions of cubers from Alaska to New Zealand. The perfect marriage of fine form and flawless function, this magical cube is modern-day style icon.

Prices on application

For details contact please email or call

Click to view larger image

The almighty SPOON MUG


At Wild Thang we love anything that will make you stand out from the crowd & the fact you will never have to use someone else's dirty spoon ever ever again is simply Genius.

The multipurpose Spoon Mug is definitely a keeper when it comes to making a stylish appearance on any client or customers desk.

Market research from BPMA continues to put the age old mug in at number 4 products that customers find most useful & number one for being kept for the longest amount of time plus it comes in cheaper them many other forms of advertising for costs of impression. We certainly don't think Tea or Coffee is going out of fashion any time soon.

Available in a range of colour combinations

Why not go one step further and have your logo printed on the spoon!

Price on application

Click to view larger image

Colour The Flag


We love merchandise that has more than one use and this great colouring flag activity toy certainly has 2 in 1 written all over it having the crayons stored in the flag pole.

Create a bespoke image on the paper flag part and get colouring.

Perfect for restaurants, retail or events that are child or adult orientated, why not even create a design for the Queens Diamond Jubilee or Olympic’s.

Price on application.

Click to view larger image

Silicone Stand & Horn for iPhone 4G


We have definitely got the horn for the Iphone Horn because its unique, fashionable in a durable soft silicon material.

Made of 100% high grade silicone which is eco-friendly & safe, this unique design stand amplifier for Apple iPhone 4G is easy to slide on slide off with an additional opening for charger. Stands your iphone into a vertical or horizontal viewing position making it equally perfect for desk or home or car. No external or battery power needed & importantly amplifies volume by 13 decibels of sound.

Branding options available. Price on application.

Click to view larger image

Unique innovative brand new revolution in desk top promotions


Never mind Brighton Rocks what about the Brite-Docks.

Unique innovative brand new revolution in desk top promotions, I could go on! Keep your mobile phone or desktop device handy at all times. Large area which can carry a full colour image or brand across the whole front area, plus print full colour to reverse at no extra cost!! Comes with two soft feel, non-slip feet, which can be removed or attached to the back of the Brite-Dock for easy flat pack mailing or storage. If that’s not enough it comes in a presentation box. Available in standard or recycled option containing recycled rubber tyres. Key points New to the Market, innovative product, easy flat pack mailing, great branding area, recycled option, made in the UK.

Price on application.

Click to view larger image

The Incredible The Innovative Foldable Reusable Water Bottle!!


Sometimes a product just has to be simple to work. It’s got some bottle because it’s sort of the ‘anti’ bottle.

No more waste bottles! Re-usable, Recyclable, Dish-washable, Freezable, Recommended for schools

half litre folding bottle – ideal for travel and leisure use. Lightweight and compact. Can fit easily in the pocket or handbag and can be attached to the waist belt. Perfect for indoor/outdoor events, sports and school use. Full safety accreditation available.

PE material can be recycled. Large branding area: Full colour option available Price on application

Click to view larger image

Make your brand future proof with this stylish touch screen stylus pen combination.


The future is here & soon touch screen technology will be part of virtually all our lives, that’s why this could be the perfect promotional merchandise partner for you.

Works on all capacitive touch screens, sensitive stylus tip gives ultra smooth navigation, quality ball point & stainless steel construction. Fast Turnaround. Minimum 50. Price on application.

Click to view larger image

Toast and Sandwich’s just got a whole lot more interesting


Imagine a world in which you could even brand toast and toasted sandwich’s, well that day has arrive people!!! Can you imagine Armani or Gucci toast.
Extreme branding and we love it !!!!

Minimum 200
Price on application

Click to view larger image

Pants don’t have to be Pants


There is nothing we like more than producing some original items, branded underwear could be another unique way of promoting your brand or campaign to create a real talking point. OK they may not be worn all the time but I can guarantee that one day the draw will be empty and someone somewhere will be wearing your pants.

We have recently produced some to raise awareness of STD’s & the campaign worked really well.

Visual attached was for a Tattoo Parlour who wanted to stand out from the crowd.

Boxers, Briefs & Knickers available Price on application depending on specification

Click to view larger image

The Award Winning Promotional Plant Tube


Living Promotions, this unusual plant holder is now available to order, having recently received the Promotional Gift Award 2011.With a minimum order of 250 and a full colour digital print applied, this item is sure to be a success.

  • Innovative New Promotional Product
  • Large Print Area for Branding
  • Easy to Assemble
  • Incredibly Eye-Catching
  • Variety of Seeds Available

Price on application

Click to view larger image

Handy Hand Sanitizer


The world has become a lot more Hygiene conscious of late, sowhy not inspire your customers with this handy clip hand sanitizer. This would be a must keep for the consumer & perfect way of getting your companies brand or message out there. Remember thinking outside the box can really make a difference to your campaigns success while keeping your brand nice & clean with this perfect promotional product.

Prices from 66p each Based on 1000 printed with a single colour brand

Click to view larger image

Mini Lip Gloss with mobile attachment loop


Here is one for the lovely ladies, never be without that essential lip gloss ever again especially when it’s attached to your mobile phone. We love it when a retail product moves over to promotional market as it instantly creates a little innovation & makes you think outside the box for your next promotion or campaign. Single colour branding

Price from £1.55 each Based on 1280 (bigger discount available on higher quantities)

Click to view larger image

Digital Silicon Jelly Watch


Remember when silicon wristbands were the choice for charities campaigns, well here is a new and innovative product that can maybe take the wristband to the next level by incorporating a watch into the silicon. Soft silicone strap, 1 ATM water resistant, Digital movement, Based on single colour print

Price from 79p each Based on 1000 (other silicon watch options also available)

Click to view larger image

Designer Ruler Calculator 300mm(w) x 20mm(h)


This inspired design combines the 2 desk top essentials with style & grace taking the desktop item to another level & would not be out of place on Gordon Gekko’s desk

From £6.67 Based on 1000 including 1 colour branding

Click to view larger image

Chalk Board Mug


Don’t be a Mug get a Mug with a difference!!

Mugs are still a very staple part of the promotional merchandise industry & a very effective way of promoting your brand so it’s great to have such a new & innovative product available.

This Fun and interactive chalk mug is supplied with a piece of chalk, enabling the user to write their own message on the mug

Here are just a few idea’: 1) This Is Andrew’s mug if you touch I will get you!! 2) Don’t forget the Dentist 12/11 2:30 Ahhh! 3) Make that Sale Reach that target 4) Today’s going to be a good day 5) Don’t talk to me

From £1.69 each

Click to view larger image

Love Magnet Ball Pen


Love is in the air with this 2 in 1 combo, the heart shape is a magnet so you never lose literally your love for this pen.

Can be branded on the barrel or the heart

Prices From 69p Based on 1000

Click to view larger image

Executive floating desk pen


The ultimate in cool & quality this sleek chrome floating desk pen defies the laws of gravity- watch in amazement the pen float and wobble in its stand.

Base 55mm x 55mm x 25mm Pen 120mm x 18mm

Branded by engraving small discreet engraved area of 0mmx5mm

From £5.99 each

Click to view larger image

Magic Christmas Tree


Is it time to start thinking about the perfect Christmas treat for your customer.

How about watching your very own Magic Christmas tree grow in 12 hours!!!!!

Magic crystal Christmas tree is a perfect way to really make a lasting impression on your customer this Christmas.

Price on application

Click to view larger image

PVC Mini Human being USB Flash Drive


This unique cool & funky product has a person available
for virtually every industry & if your bored or lonely someone
talk to also!

Available in 128M 256M 512M 1G 2G

Price on application

Click to view larger image

Gentlemen’s Ball Scratcher


Its does what it says on the label, this innovative product was bespoke made for a Liverpool Primary Care Trust campaign to raise awareness of testicular cancer. Serious issue humorous

Price on application

Click to view larger image

Personalised Bottled Water


Keep your next campaign or promotion totally
refreshed with your message on the label.
Prices from 45p Special discounts for PCT’s

Click to view larger image

Click to view larger image

IOpener Ring Bottle Opener


Always trying to find the bottle opener? Now you can be part of the bottle opener.

This ingenious product is worn on your index finger.


Metal Finish 1000 off from £2.15
Plastic Finish 1000 off from £1.45


To order any of these products, call us on 0800 917 980 or email us at
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  • Just to say a big thanks to all at Wild Thang, the mugs and pens both look fabulous and thanks very much for meeting our very tight deadline as well! Thanks again! Syngenta.


  • Everything was brilliant……thank you for all that you & your team at Wild Thang did to make this happen.Director of Sales & Marketing.Marlin


  • I would highly recommend the team at Wildthang to anyone, they played a huge part in creating our company brand as well as designing and producing all of our corporate stationery. The service, product and value for money is first class.Director, Mattocks Grindley Chartered Accountants.


  • Umbro International Ltd have dealt successfully with Wild Thang for the last 3 years, previously I had dealt with Wild Thang at JJB Sports for a further 4 years. During this time I have, without fail, found them to be an extremely professional and highly competent organization. Any company or organization would benefit from their experience in the fields in which they operate. Head of Umbro Teamwear UK


  • Another job well done! When working with Wild Thang I can feel confident in the knowledge that they will follow the brief to deliver high quality products on time , at a price that’s right. No matter how tight the deadline, the job will be done on time with a friendly, efficient, and above all, professional service. I highly recommend Wild Thang’s services. Corporate Fundraising Manager. The Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation


  • Consistently offered a very comprehensive range of merchandise, given exemplary customer service & delivered best value we could source. I would have no hesitation in recommending Wildthang. Liverpool Primary Care Trust


  • radiocity96.7
    Wildthang are fast, efficient and always provide high quality merchandise no matter how short the deadline...


  • South Sefton NHS Primary Care Trust
    Wildthang have always delivered on time and to the highest standard...


  • Mercedes Benz
    A fast friendly and efficient sevice...


  • babycream
    Their professionalism, creativity and energy is a breath of fresh air, nothing is too much trouble....


  • Classic American
    Wildthang provided us with a friendly and efficient service, and are always happy to deal with our requests no matter how big or small they are.


  • Four Four Two Magazine
    We are amazed at the quality, design and value of the kits and teamwear offered. The range is truly impressive, well done!

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