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Go online “Get more out of life online” was a central government campaign that funded initiatives in each region across the UK, with a simple aim to get more people online especially demographics that were least likely to be IT savvy and have a barrier that was stopping them getting online. Engaging with people on the streets and at key locations was a major part of the campaign.



To create a theme and design a range of merchandise that would stand out in a streetscape and produce an innovative range of promotional merchandise incentives that would capture, influence and engage the target audience to take up the offer of free training to get online and realise all it’s benefits.



Wild Thang were successful in winning this business as a result of offering Innovative design and giveaways that were relevant, creating outstanding engagement and interaction while also fitting in with campaign budget constraints. The engagement team were highly visible in their coordinated uniforms and used the promotional incentive to support the overall strategy to get more people to sign up to the training and get them online in the process. Overall there were a significant number of direct beneficiaries who got involved in the programme training as a direct result of receiving one of the promotional incentives. Feedback from the department agency confirmed the campaign was a resounding success and surpassed the original estimated number of individuals that the campaign was targeting, meaning a return on investment was delivered.


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Wild Thang has an in-depth understanding of supplying branded clothing, merchandise and print to many agencies and departments within Government Authorities. Regardless of size of contract or brief we will always endeavor to deliver a product or services that is creative, eye-catching, relevant and to the highest possible standard. Having said that no two departments, organisations, sectors or industries are the same, if you incorporate our expertise and creativity along with a client focused service that will establish an in-depth understanding of your objectives, plus an approach tailored to meet the unique needs of your project, we will create a winning formula!

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