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Quality corporate gifts and incentives

Without doubt this is one of the best ways to reward staff, suppliers, client’s or simply raise awareness of your brand or organisation. Our market research proves when received, promotional merchandise makes individuals feel appreciated. From a gift to a long serving employee in the form of a branded watch to a large company that requires a full corporate range of merchandise that needs to be distributed to individual departments across the UK aimed at raising awareness of a new product, service or company ethos. We have a world class range of corporate gifts and incentives to suit all budgets for companies both large and small. Please remember we are here to help with expert advice.

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Budget promotional items and merchandise giveaways

It does not have to cost the world to promote your brand through promotional items and giveaways. At Wild Thang we have an incredible range of items that will suit every budget. The simple advice we give is to always think about your audience or market and how it will be distributed. All current research documents the importance on the product being useful and relevant. To get the best possible return on investment give it some clear thought and planning so you maximize the impact of your campaign. Whether you are a charity or large PLC let us provide you with the latest market research of what are the most current and popular products and trends.

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VIP Corporate Gifts

Well it should be what it says on the tin. Key clients and very important people, also known as VIP’s, should be afforded special privileges due to their status or importance. When choosing VIP corporate gifts, think carefully about who is receiving the item. We advise to make sure that the quality of the product is equal to the audience, it is fine to give away 10,000 budget pens in an awareness campaign but we are not so sure if one of your top clients will really appreciate receiving an 18p pen for Christmas. From high quality prestige pens, high quality technology gifts to bespoke food and drink hampers we have got it covered. We are here to help, advise and guide you through the process to get you the best return on investment, with creative products that create impact, are useful, cost effective, innovative, unique, have longevity and the highest quality.

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Exhibition giveaway for marketing campaigns

Exhibitions are the perfect environment to distribute corporate merchandise or promotional items, we really don’t understand when organisations create and man a stand at great expense yet place very limited resources or thought to the all-important giveaway. We are here to help you choose the right products to effectively promote your business and stand out from the other exhibitors or competitors. With 1,000s of products available at our fingertips including branded pens, bags and notebooks there is an opportunity to create something genuinely original, memorable and unique for an exhibition giveaway which is both durable and useful. A promotional giveaway that will make them remember your company, campaign or organisation as well as exposing them to your branding every time they use it. There is market research to say that they are much more likely to use your service at some point in the future. We want to help you create the most successful stand at the exhibition with everything you could ever need to physically create exactly the right image. Please remember we are here to help with expert advice.

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New employee starter packs and welcome kits

It is becoming more important than ever to create that feel good factor from the very beginning and a starter pack shows how going that extra mile with branding can really make a positive impact on any new co-worker. Let’s also not forget the happy new co-worker is likely to also share the moment on social media which is all positive publicity for your brand, company or organisation! Welcome kits vary greatly depending on the company and the industry, there is no absolute rule except making it relevant and linking it to your own unique company values or ethos. Onboarding should be taken seriously by employers and there are several ways to acclimatise the new person in the team, some companies organise a lunch with the chairman while others simply do a one to one induction, but we personally prefer it when it includes a welcome kit. Wild Thang are here to help guide and help you create that perfect starter pack including all the associated branded merchandise, bespoke packaging, induction paper work, packing and fulfillment. With the right planning and agreement in place we can even hold stock and distribute as and when your organization requires it to be sent, with options to go direct to the employee which we think is always a nice touch.

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We have a comprehensive range of quality Corporate Awards to suit every budget available as a one off single product or in multiple items for a variety of categories. We know the importance of recognizing outstanding performances or achievement and these stylish awards, trophies and plaques, create the perfect finishing touch of appreciation. Every award can be branded with your company details and individual names making them perfect for prize-giving, celebrations, conferences and corporate award ceremonies. There is always the option to do something completely bespoke to your requirements, creating something really standout and unique. Why not celebrate and really mark those achievements of that team, individual, company, business or organization, creating recognition for even that school and sporting association prize-giving. Our stylish awards come in a range of prices and materials including glass, metal, Perspex and crystal which can be engraved and customised with your own personalized brand or induvial message, department or name using branding techniques such as engraving, etching, digital printing and dye sublimation . We specialise in providing high quality awards for every occasion so please remember we are here to help with expert advice.

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Environmental eco promotional incentives and merchandise

At Wild Thang we know the importance of corporate Social Responsibility and that it is high on the agenda of many organisations and companies. Having environmental targets to meet means promotional products made from recycled, organic, sustainable or ethically sourced materials can be the perfect carrier for your oranisations brand, message or ethos. We have an extensive and comprehensive range of environmentally friendly promotional products to suit virtually every budget. From a recycled pencil to grow your own plant with bespoke branded packaging we will help and guide you to choose the perfect product for your company or campaign. We will try to establish an in-depth understanding of your objectives, tailoring products to meet the unique needs of your organization or brand, including supplying you with promotional items and business gifts that are ecologically sound and environmentally aware. Please remember we are here to help with expert advice.

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Made in the UK - British made promotional merchandise

Sometimes it’s worth looking a little closer to home for your branded promotional merchandise. It’s true that buying branded British-made products can give your promotions that extra stamp of quality allowing you to actually state that it was indeed made in Great Britain on the product. We have an extensive range of British products, from desktop essentials and promotional items to perfect paper products and desirable drinkware all creating an exclusive offering. Not only do they all give you brilliant branding options, fast lead-times and great value for money, but it will also give you the opportunity to support British manufacturing and can lower your carbon footprint for a more eco-friendly promotional product. We will help and guide you to give your promotions the quality assurance that comes with buying British. We want to provide the best possible return on investment for your related brand clothing, merchandise and print.

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Bespoke promotional and corporate merchandise

Maybe it’s time to go bespoke because sometime simply from stock or off the shelf will not give the solution your brand or campaign requires. Getting creative is at the heart of everything we do at Wild Thang and we love turning your ideas or concepts into reality. Wild Thangs bespoke and custom made services have worked on many original and innovative brands and campaigns so we know firsthand how creating something genuinely bespoke can really make you stand out from the crowd, adding serious punch to the message you are trying to convey. We love getting creative to produce something bespoke that is made and manufactured to specification to suit a specific campaign or concept means that if you can imagine it, then we can make it! From a bespoke metal pin badge to a whole range of bespoke merchandise that compliments your entire marketing campaign, think ‘Compare The Markets Meerkat’ or ‘Paddy Power Lucky Pants’ as just 2 examples of merchandise that has made brands genuinely stand out from the crowd and create viral interest. If we incorporate our expertise and creativity along with a client focused service, we will establish an in-depth understanding of your objectives, plus an approach tailored to meet the unique needs of your organisation, we will create a winning formula

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Product Fulfilment, Distribution & Mailing

A solution led approach is at the heart of everything we do at Wild Thang, so if your company, organization or brand has a requirement for a managed fulfillment and distribution service then we are here to help with expert advice. 

From a simple set of business cards to a complex management system that includes stock, store, fulfillment and distribution. Whatever the project, whatever the job, we know there may be a requirement to get those products delivered to your own warehouse, multiple shop locations, direct to your consumer audience or key accounts throughout the UK and the world. We have experience in managing data in the most secure way possible, making sure your customer data is both safe and secure.

It is our mission to work with you to find the most economical way to distribute your campaign products, promotional packs, corporate information or customer gift. We have vast experience in the packaging, fulfillment and seamless distribution through a number of national and international courier companies, Royal Mail or Whistl.

 Did you know that market research from the Royal Mail concluded when looking at campaigns that drove high acquisition levels, 40% more included mail than campaigns which didn’t. Campaigns with mail achieved over twice (104%) the market share growth than campaigns without mail in the mix. Mail and email together build better, more valuable relationships so it all genuinely adds up.

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