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Astaire Classic Pen

slimline retractable plastic ballpoint pen. Digitally printed, full-colour to photo-quality 360° around the barrel. Includedredible range of 15 trim colours with a choice of blue or black Eversmooth (high density) writing ink. Pantone matched trim availab
From 0.32

Biosense Ballpen

Eco friendly push-button ballpen made from recycled paper and plastic trim.
From 0.15

Contour® Extra Ballpen

Attractive retractable ballpen with white body, chrome fittings and a comfortable coloured rubber grip. Colour range includes 10 popular colours.
From 0.18

Contour® Frost Ballpen

Frosted finish barrel to match the frosted rubberised grip for a very chic look.
From 0.17

Newspaper Pencil

Eco friendly pencil made from rolled recycled newspapers. Featuring silver ferrule and eraser to match pencil colour. Generous print area.
From 0.12

Green & Good Tigris pen

Made using recycled plastic and card
From 0.26

Biosense Wheatstraw Ballpen

Eco-friendly push-button ballpen with a recycled paper barrel and wheat straw trim. A great alternative to traditional plastic pens and ideal for expressing your consideration for the environment. A German Dokumental® ink refill ensures up to 1000 metres
From 0.19

Hepburn Chrome Pen

wide body retractable plastic pen with shiny chrome accents and ergoNomic rubberised grip. Digitally printed, full-colour, to photo-quality 360° around the barrel. Wide range of 11 bright trim colours with a choice of blue or black Eversmooth (high densit
From 0.47

Zen - Eco Wheat Plastic Pen

Eco friendly ballpen made from 40% wheat straw which would otherwise be discarded.
From 0.48

Contour® Digital Ballpen

Plastic ballpen with design registered barrel for vibrant full colour digital printing. Unique in its design and large branding area. Registered design number 002239996-0001.
From 0.20

PP. Media Clic Digital Ballpen

Printed with full colour wrap to barrel
From 0.47

Re-PET Ballpen

The Re-PET is an eco-friendly translucent ballpen made from rPET plastic. This means it has completed a recycling process, whereby the plastic used in this pen has been remade from something else, making it a more sustainable material choice. Supplied wit
From 0.23

FSC® Wooden Pencil

FSC® certified wooden pencil with silver ferrule and pink eraser. Full colour photographic quality image can be printed 360 degrees around the barrel.
From 0.14

Post Consumer Max Ballpen

Push button ballpen with eco-friendly credentials as it is manufactured from recycled plastic from post consumer household equipment. Solid black barrel with a choice of red, blue or black clip.
From 0.27

S45 Bio Transparent Clip

Going Green new push button action ball pen from Stilolinea in Italy. Solid coloured ball pen with transparent clip and push button feature. Excellent print areas to barrel and clip available in a range of colours. Black ink refills.
From 0.30

Bio S!

Made using plastic derived from plant oil, the BIO-S eco-friendly pen is over 80% biodegradable
From 0.30

TPR E4 Eraser

TPR E4 solid eraser. Available in six bright colours.
From 0.12

Green & Good Eclipse pen

Made using recycled CD Cases
From 0.23

RIO Recycled Antibac

The RIO is made of recycled ABS from post consumer products with an additional Antibacterial feature.
From 0.31

6 Pack of Colouring Pencils

Pack of 6 half length colouring pencils with a card insert personalised on one side. Printed full colour. Very popular childrens promotional giveaway.
From 0.51

City RE Extra White Clip

This recycled pen is made from post consumer products, featuring colours which are synonymous with the recycled products.
From 0.33

Green & Good Recycled CD Case pencil

Made using recycled CD Cases. Available in 13 colours. Manufactured in the UK.
From 0.18

S45 rPET

Made from recycled plastic waterbottles this pen helps to reduce the threat of abandoned plastic bottles in nature
From 0.35

Baron Extra Recycled

The Baron recycled range offers a wide choice of 12 new colours, with 100% recycled ABS plastic from Europe. These chromatic shades are inspired by 'Nature' and specifically by the wonders of all our planet's continents, that need to be safeguarded. The m
From 0.36

Spectrum® Max Ballpen

The redesigned profile offers a 25% larger print area than the standard Spectrum® Ballpen.
From 0.31

Digimax® Ballpen

The Digimax Ballpen features a unique in-house design with a large print surface for prominent branding on a budget. A generous clip provides an additional print area while the push-button mechanism makes for easy usability. Design Registration Number: 60
From 0.37

FSC® Carpenter Pencil

Traditional flat carpenter pencil made from FSC certified wood. Suitable for both full colour printing and laser engraving.
From 0.24

Contour® Eco Ballpen

The ever-popular Contour® ballpen with recycled plastic barrel.
From 0.34

Green and Good Indus Biodegradable Pen

Made using biodegradable plastic. Available in seven frosted colours.
From 0.32

Contour® Colour Wheatstraw Ballpen

Coloured ballpen manufactured from 45% wheatstraw and 55% ABS, providing a genuine option for reducing your reliance on fossil fuel-derived plastics. The shape is based on our bestselling Contour® ballpen range, with many of the economies of scale being p
From 0.19
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