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The NHS were looking for a partner that could deliver promotional merchandise and campaign material for an important awareness campaign in an innovative and unique way.



To create a unique awareness pack that could hold all appropriate campaign material and promotional products that could be used by GP’s, Doctors and Nurses to raise awareness about alcohol consumption at home. They needed solutions and promotional merchandise that would capture and engage in a unique way, the target audience utilising the theme and tag line "WHAT’S YOURS?"



Through innovative design ideas a bespoke branded drinks optic and literature case was developed to hold the campaign material and glasses that indicated alcohol measures in a small and compact bag so it could be taken to various campaign awareness events, this was also linked to an innovative optic giveaway which was central to the campaign.

What the client said…………. It created outstanding engagement and interaction with the bespoke drinks optic at the centre of this educating campaign. The Alcohol Outreach Team used the optic to support their brief of advice and intervention. Overall there were 9924 direct beneficiaries involved in the programme. All of whom have received a drinks optic to help in understanding unit content when home measuring. ‘To put it into the simplest term the campaign has been a resounding success, which is in no small part down to the optic itself.’ It’s the Wild Thang way!


Medical and Health Care

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Wild Thang has in-depth experience supplying branded clothing, merchandise and print to many sectors involved in the Medical & Health Care sector. We are proud to have been involved in some unique and ground breaking awareness campaigns with world class products and services across the UK and working with many organizations such as NHS, private surgeries, private health companies, health centers, medical research, pharmaceutical industries, hospital trusts and community health trusts, regardless of size we will always endeavor to deliver something that is of the highest possible standard and will deliver a return on investment. Having said that no two organizations, sectors or industries are the same, if you incorporate our expertise and creativity along with a client focused service that will establish an in-depth understanding of your objectives, plus an approach tailored to meet the unique needs of your company or organisation, we will create a winning formula!

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