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Eco Friendly Ideas

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Sugarcane Bags

These are made from sugarcane waste and is an eco friendly alternative to polythene. These are carbon neutral and 100% recyclable. Price is based on standard size 380w x 450h x 75g mm.
From 0.24

Biosense Ballpen

Eco friendly push-button ballpen made from recycled paper and plastic trim.
From 0.15

Newspaper Pencil

Eco friendly pencil made from rolled recycled newspapers. Featuring silver ferrule and eraser to match pencil colour. Generous print area.
From 0.12

Biosense Wheatstraw Ballpen

Eco-friendly push-button ballpen with a recycled paper barrel and wheat straw trim. A great alternative to traditional plastic pens and ideal for expressing your consideration for the environment. A German Dokumental® ink refill ensures up to 1000 metres
From 0.19

Zen - Eco Wheat Plastic Pen

Eco friendly ballpen made from 40% wheat straw which would otherwise be discarded.
From 0.48

Potato Starch bags

These are made from potato starch and are 100% compostable. Price is based on standard size 380w x 450h x 75g mm.
From 0.38

FSC® Wooden Pencil

FSC® certified wooden pencil with silver ferrule and pink eraser. Full colour photographic quality image can be printed 360 degrees around the barrel.
From 0.14

Aqua Clear - Eco Recycled PET Plastic Pen

Made from 100% recycled plastic and sporting the recycling icon opposite the pocket clip, this contemporary pen has a clear body and a coloured plunger that you can colour-coordinate with your full colour logo on the barrel.
From 0.57

Bio S!

Made using plastic derived from plant oil, the BIO-S eco-friendly pen is over 80% biodegradable
From 0.30

Green & Good Recycled CD Case pencil

Made using recycled CD Cases. Available in 13 colours. Manufactured in the UK.
From 0.18

Baron FT Recycled

in White with Coloured Trim, Top Ring & Nose Cone. Blue Ink Refill.
From 0.36

Contour® Eco Ballpen

The ever-popular Contour® ballpen with recycled plastic barrel.
From 0.34

Green and Good Indus Biodegradable Pen

Made using biodegradable plastic. Available in seven frosted colours.
From 0.32

Contour® Colour Wheatstraw Ballpen

Coloured ballpen manufactured from 45% wheatstraw and 55% ABS, providing a genuine option for reducing your reliance on fossil fuel-derived plastics. The shape is based on our bestselling Contour® ballpen range, with many of the economies of scale being p
From 0.19

Green & Good Recycled Denim Pencil

Made using recycled denim with eraser.
From 0.18

Oriel Wheatstraw Ballpen

The Oriel Wheatstraw Ballpen combines sustainability with streamlined design, featuring a 60% wheatstraw barrel and a recycled plastic trim. A smart moulded clip and convenient twist-action mechanism makes this a practical option and a great choice for ec
From 0.20

Panther Eco Ballpen

Retractable ballpen made from recycled plastic. This recycling process is set to reduce the use of landfills. Available on a Same-Day Express at no extra cost. (Single colour barrel print, max 5,000 pcs).
From 0.29

Bamboo ballpen

Ballpen with plastic coloured trim, blue ink.
From 0.39

Senator Super Hit Bio plastic ball pen

Matt finish barrel made from renewable biobased raw materials. Fitted with large capacity magic flow refill.
From 0.36

Seeded paper wristbands

Excellent for awareness campaigns and special events, an eco-friendly alternative to plastic. After the event the lucky recipient can plant it to grow flowers. Embedded with wild flowers.
From 0.60

Prodir DS3 TBB Biotic

DS3 Biotic. Twist action ball pen made from bioplastic. The body surface and mechanism of the DS3 Biotic Pen are manufactured from 100% renewable raw materials. For the DS3 Biotic Pen SAND this includes polyactide (PLA) and wood-plastic composites (WPC).
From 0.78

Senator Liberty Bio ball pen

The popular senator Liberty ball pen is now available in a modern version made of biobased plastic. Made from renewable raw materials. Durable and biodegradable the Liberty Bio ball pen is the perfect ambassador for your environmentally conscious brand pr
From 0.61

Senator Nature Plus ball pen

Genuinely biobased ball pen made from renewable resources. Fitted with large capacity magic flow refill.
From 0.72

rHIPS.b Plant Marker Kit

Plant Marker Kit with 3 markers and bonus Dibber tool. Easy to snap off and write your own label. This kit is suited for market gardens, garden centres, plant nurseries, seed producers, lifestyle users.This Plant Marker Kit can be used year after year, wi
From 1.19

Senator Skeye Bio plastic ball pen

Made from renewable biobased raw materials. The ball pen for your environmentally conscious brand presentation. Matt finish twist-action ball pen, fitted with large capacity magic flow refill.
From 0.84

Small seed packets

Small Seed Packets - 55 x 55mm - full colour customisation (front & back), gloss, sealed to all sides, with flower, vegetable, herb or tree seeds.
From 0.29

Toronto ballpen

Wooden ballpen with silver metal clip, blue ink.
From 1.41

Eternal Pencil

An eco-friendly bamboo pencil. The tip is made from a combination of metal and graphite for indefinite writing with silver ferrule and white eraser.
From 0.94

Prodir DS8 True Biotic

DS8 True Biotic, Push button ball pen. Prodir is setting new standards in the use of sustainable materials. The casing (body, clip and push button) is made from plastic-free, biobased biopolymers (PHA) that are also biodegradable. Micro-organisms synthesi
From 1.64

Seabrook Eco 5oz Recycled Cotton Tote bag

Recycled Eco Tote 5oz (140gsm) bag with long handles made from recycled cotton T-shirt material. The fabric used to manufacture this bag is 60% recycled blended with 40% polyester (rPET which is recycled fabric from plastic bottles) for extra structure.
From 1.05
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