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Bordeaux Mobile Phone Pocket

This mobile phone pocket sticks to the back of your phone providing storage for cards.
From 0.60

Flip Grip Phone Holder

Flip Grip phone holder stand. Printed full colour.
From 0.53


Pair of earphones with two spare sets of buds presented in a plastic case.
From 0.84

Rebel Earbuds

Plastic triangular case with cable storage. Use with any standard audio device with a 3.5 mm audio jack. Joined bubble bag. ABS plastic.
From 1.05

Wired earbuds and silicone phone wallet

A soft protective silicone wallet with adhesive tape that can be easily attached to the back of a phone to hold 2-3 credit cards and/or ID cards. It can also be used as a phone stand or as earbuds wrap. Includes wired earbuds. Silicone.
From 1.29

All Metal Ring Stand

Metal ring that sticks to the back of your mobile phone to act as a handsfree stand. Slot your finger through the rotating ring for added security when in use.
From 1.67

Wide Angle Smartphone Camera Lens

This ZMX lens can be easily clipped over the camera lens of your device. The macro lens is ideal for taking clear pictures of small objects. The wide angle lens allows you to include more of the scene in the photograph. Supplied in a black gift box. ABS Plastic.
From 1.72

USB-C charging cable with key ring

USB-C charging cable with steel key ring. Including two connectors: standard USB and micro USB.
From 2.23

Light Up Charger

Plastic 3-in-1 light up charger keyring. Cost includes engraved logo which illuminates when plugged in. It has adaptors including USB type C and reversible 5 pin (iPhone) and micro USB (Android). All 4 sides can be engraved at an additional cost.
From 2.20

Duke Charger

3-in-1 magnetic keychain USB cable with type C and reversible 5 pin(iPhone) and micro USB (Android) adaptors. Comes complete with a large plastic tag to carry your branding. The Micro USB casing pulls open to reveal the 5 pin connector inside. A strong ma
From 2.64

Tucker 3-in-1 Charger

Multiple charging cables all on one unit perfect for when you are out and about. A pocket-sized essential including a USB. 5 pin (iPhone). type C android and micro USB connectors.
From 2.90

Zippy Earphones

The solution to tangled up wires. The earphone wires are hidden inside the zip. Includes a built-in microphone for hands free conversations. When not in use the earphones can be zipped up and stored neatly in the handy PU case.
From 2.48

6 in 1 Multi Charging Cable

A beautiful and useful gift and the ultimate in brand reinforcement. Your logo can be printed at the head of the cable and you can choose the individual cable colours. The connectors include a standard USB - mini - Type C - lightning and micro adaptors.
From 4.11

4 in 1 Combination Cable

This amazing little product is a must-have gadget and is supplied with four cables. USB - Type C - micro and lightning connectors. The combination cable features a tangle-free nylon braided cable with aluminium adaptors to make it more durable and flexibl
From 4.26

Cheaz foldable headphones

Ideal for all your music needs. These headphones are lightweight foldable. Compatible with any smartphone, tablet or laptop with a 3.5mm audio jack. Supplied in a gift box. ABS Plastic.
From 4.06

Wireless charger

Wireless charging pad with coloured body and black circle on the top side. The bottom has an anti-slip strip. Including black charging cable (USB - micro USB) 30 cm long. Input DC5V - 1500mA.
From 3.57

Volt alu power bank 2200mAh

The 2200 mAh battery capacity of this power bank is enough to charge a mobile device or tablet. Power bank charges via USB cable (included). Green light indicator turns on when fully charged. Packed in white carton box. Aluminium.
From 4.14

Standard Cuboid Power Bank

Portable cuboid shaped power bank with 2200mAh. Use your computer or laptop to charge the power bank and simply connect the power bank to your phone for instant battery power. Supplied with a USB cable and packaged in a white box.
From 4.22

Tower Power Bank

Portable power bank (2600mAh) supplied with a USB cable. Charge the power bank with the USB cable supplied. Simply connect the power bank to your phone for instant battery power.
From 4.23

Sprint Charging Cable

The Sprint 3-in-1 retractable charging cable features a lightning Micro-B and USB type-C connector. It will charge the latest models of mobile phone devices and electronic items once inserted into a USB port or mains adaptor. This cable is for charging on
From 4.37

Standard Cylinder Power Bank

Portable aluminium cylinder shaped power bank with 2600mAh capacity. Whilst charging a red light will illuminate switching to blue when fully charged. Supplied with a USB cable and packaged in a white box.
From 4.96

Ozone wireless charging pad with two outputs

This wireless charging pad allows you to charge your smartphone wirelessly. Connect the device to your computer and place a smartphone on the pad to start charging. Comes with 2 USB outputs to create a USB hub. Only works with phone models that support wireless charging. An external wireless charging receiver or receiver case is required for charging an iPhone model with wireless technology older than the iPhone 8. Supplied in a white Avenue gift box. ABS Plastic.
From 5.94

4 in 1 LED Charging Cable

The perfect executive promotional gift. Featuring a tangle-free nylon braided cable with aluminium connectors to make it more durable and flexible than most standard cables. The cables include a Micro, Lightning, Type C and USB connector. Price includes l
From 6.20

Pulsar Powerbank

Pocket sized 2200mAh power bank to charge your devices on the go. Supplied with a Micro SD cable to recharge by USB on mains connection. Equipped with a high quality lithium battery and one year warranty. Suitable for branding to all four sides. Supplied with one year warranty.
From 5.68

Jazz Earphones

4.2 Bluetooth earphones with microphone. Rechargeable 55mAh Li-On battery. Presented in a plastic box. Playing time approx. 2 hours.
From 6.28

Powerflat Powerbank

Power bank 4000 mAh in aluminium. Capacity for smartphone use output current DC5V/1A. Includes indicating light and USB cable with micro usb plug.
From 6.39

Hydra Power Bank

Aluminium 2200mAH power bank. Supplied with a Micro SD Cable to recharge by USB or mains connection. Equipped with a high quality lithium battery suitable for recharging over 500 times.
From 5.67

Toddy Wedge Mobile Stand

Full Colour printing across the whole top surface ensures your brand can be seen by all. Comes complete with a premium microfibre plush panel on the bottom side with built in antimicrobial coating protection.
From 6.30

Hawk Wireless Charger

Ultra modern wireless charger suitable for charging mobile phone devices equipped with wireless charging technology. Simply plug it into a USB port or mains adaptor. Place your device on the top and watch the futuristic blue light glow through the transparent outer casing while charging. A must have for future desktop advertising. Supplied with Micro USB cable and instruction manual. Conforms to QI international standards. ROHS. CE and FCC certified.
From 6.26

Flat Power Bank

4000mAh aluminium power bank supplied with a USB cable and packaged in a white box. Flat rectangular design makes it easy to fit in a pocket. Charge the power bank via a USB cable and connect to your phone for instant battery power. Will charge most mobil
From 7.20
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