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What’s your colour?

What’s your colour?

Not Sure what a Pantone Reference is? Well take a look at what a variety there is out there - Find the one thats just right for your company, campaign, event or promotion because  the world is literally your colour! 

The Pantone Color Matching System is a standardised colour reproduction system. The Pantone system enables an accurate colour match every time and also allows for many special colours to be produced, such as metallics and fluorescents. Pantone colours are mainly used on one-colour, two-colour or three-colour print jobs, common for business cards or letterheads & pretty much any other physical advertising medium which is highly recommended for brand consistency. All the big brands will have a set of brand guidelines that include a pantone reference think Virgin, Lego, Disney, Shell, Master Card, Unilever and many other global brands, they will all have a Pantone colour reference associated with there brand. 


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