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Wild Thang Branding Geek return of the Mac !

Wild Thang Branding Geek return of the Mac !

We love bringing you random #BrandingGeek facts & information about products we sell. Well it’s raining outside and the temperature is starting to fall, so I thought we would give a nod to the good ole raincoat jacket. Did you know in 1823, Scotsman Charles MacIntosh was granted a patent on the first 'waterproof' fabric. It was made by squeezing liquid rubber in between two pieces of fabric, then pressing them together. Prior to this people could only keep themselves dry by wearing oiled fabrics like cotton. They were heavy and water repellent but smelt pretty bad.

 This first range had it's unique problems though - when the weather heated up, the rubber would become sticky, and when it got cold it became too stiff. The 1839 invention of Vulcanization by Charles Goodyear (of the tyres fame) changed the game. Vulcanized rubber tested temperature changes, and made

'Mackintosh' Coats a perfect rainwear solution.Initially, it had success for horse riders, then became adopted for use in the British Army & then pretty much the rest of the globe.  Thanks to Mr Charles MacIntosh for your creativity. All regions with inclement weather & of course the many seafarers are forever in your debt. #WHOINVENTEDTHEWATERPROOFCOAT Remember we are here to help with expert branded clothing advice to suit any weather conditions this planet has to throw at you so why not take a look at just a few of the jackets we have available


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